Mar 1, 2014

Joey Anderson - After Forever (Forthcoming LP on Dekmantel)

Joey Anderson releasing an album. Wet dreams

Feb 25, 2014

Deep Sensation - Somehow, Somewhere (There is a Soul Heaven)

My secret weapon. Let’s see if the 2$ copies get as fast snitched aways as with LV secret, haha. 

Feb 24, 2014

Blue Jean’s Regime - Untrue Affection (Dark Club Mix)

Almost went viral today on Facebook because it was posted by Levon Vincent. Feed the hype!

Good tune though!

Feb 24, 2014

MRSK - Tea & Techno Podcast

nice podcast by a nice blog

super flow!

Feb 23, 2014

Quadrant - Infinition

Basic Channel before they were BC

Feb 23, 2014

Christopher Rau & Smallpeople - Life Aquatic

Feb 23, 2014

Minimal Man - Outside the Window (Sacrosanct Mix)

Digging Day

Feb 22, 2014

Prince of Denmark - Soulfood

Spring is about to begin in Shanghai but the Air-Quaity-Index lays around 250 which leaves the sun hidden behind all the dirt and dust.

Time for some Prince of Denmark.

Feb 22, 2014

Joey Anderson - Thee Analysis

Pitched down from 130 to 120 makes it even more a sexy late night groover

Feb 21, 2014

Junior Boys - Like a Child (C2 Remix)

always worth a post

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